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Custom Chrome is the extension that manages your extensions


When recruiting, you often build up a massive collection of various Chrome Extensions, apps, and tools. Most likely, you get to a point where they no longer can fit at the top of your browser. This means, to get to your other tools, you have to dig deep in the settings. However, there is a solution to this problem.

The Custom Chrome Extension Manager is one simple extension that allows you easy access to the rest of your apps and tools. When you click on the Custom Chrome extension, it brings up a user-friendly window that displays your other tools and provides a number of customizable options.

  • First, you have the option to show just the extensions, or both extensions and apps.
  • You can easily turn extensions on and off from within the tool, saving you the time of going to your settings.
  • Groups allow you to sort your tools however you want. For example, you can group all your contact-finding tools together, all your data-scraping tools together, etc. You can then turn all the tools in a group on or off at the same time.
  • The tool also provides both a compact and extended view.

The tool works very well, and the tool’s creator also seems to be aware of and responsive to feedback, making for an overall great user experience.

The versatility and ease of use of Custom Chrome make it a no-brainer for anyone who uses a lot of different tools. ~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa:


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Dean Da Costa
Dean Da Costa is a highly experienced and decorated staffing professional, recruiter, sourcer and manager, who also boasts outstanding experience and skills in Human Resources, Project Management, Training, and Process Improvement.

He is best known for his work in the highly difficult security and mobile arena's, and the gold star winning numbers he produced.

His keen insight and creation of ground breaking tools and processes, to enhance and change staffing as we know it, have proven he is a true "Staffing Thought Leader". Despite all this he remains first and foremost one of the top sourcers, staffing managers and full cycle recruiters in the industry and a true "Search Authority"